01 Delcanto

A 155 meter-long beach serves as a prelude between the sea and the near 250 residential spaces distributed into three horizontal buildings that make up Delcanto®®

They are available with two or three bedrooms, with or without a studio, with terraces designed to admire one of the largest natural bays in the world: the Banderas Bay.

The AB Tower consists of 72 fully sold out apartments.

The C Tower consists of 47 fully sold out apartments.

The D Tower consists of 50 spectacular oceanfront view apartments. Last units available.

The E Tower consists of 39 luxury pre-construction apartments for sale. The estimated delivery date is winter 2019.

02 Amenities and Services

Imagine having a team of concierge and managers willing to meet your needs. The services provided by the experienced and dedicated staff are unbeatable. Experience the beauty of oceanfront living and the enjoyable lifestyle designed for unwinding.

Allow our staff, which is available 24/7, to take care of the rest.

·   Motor Lobby and Valet Parking
·   Front Desk
·   Concierge and Bellboy
·   Lobby Terrace
·   Lounge for residents
·   Deli
·   Kids game-room
·   Teenager game-room
·   Turtle pond

·   Playground
·   Gym
·   Spa
·   Pools
·   Sunbathing area
·   Water mirrors
·   Snack Bar
·   Bar serving pool and beach areas
·   Landscaped spaces

03 Location

The beach, mountain, the great biodiversity, and the colors that make up Delcanto®, offer unique experiences for every taste and interest. And if nature weren´t enough, there are exclusive golf courses and docks for all kinds of nautical sports. 

For entertainment, there are restaurants, shops, art galleries, handicraft stores, and a night life unlike any other.

01 Delcanto
Av. Cocoteros #652 Sur Cond. Maestro Los Flamingos, Nuevo Vallarta, México.

02 El Tigre Club de Golf
Delcanto - Club de Golf 9km. 9 minutes by car.

03 Nuevo Vallarta Marina
Delcanto - Marina 5.8km. 6 minutos en automóvil.

04 Aeropuerto
Delcanto - Aeropuerto 16.1km. 12 minutes by car.

05 Walmart
Delcanto - Walmart 8.1km. 8 minutes by car.

04 Turtle Conservation Program

Delcanto® operates in an eco-friendly way with the maritime environment, and carries out a Conservation Project for Sea Turtles, with the purpose of preserving the habitat for turtle nesting season, thus contributing to protecting the ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea), and the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), so the resort´s beach will become an alternative space for action besides the “Nuevo Vallarta” Center for the Protection and Preservation of Sea Turtles by the CONANP (NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR PROTECTED NATURAL AREAS); also including cultural and preservation activities through the installation and operation of a Demonstrative Museum for Preservation, where the main focus will be the sea turtles.


1. Rescue the sea turtle population that nests in Nuevo Vallarta through developing surveillance routes, collecting nests and incubation, in order to contribute to the recovery and strengthening of the endangered species.

2. Implement an incubation pen to increase available space, and care for as many collected nests as possible by the CPCTM staff (Center for the Protection and Preservation of Sea Turtles).

3. Carry out symbolic releases on the beach

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